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How Ted

Bundy escaped from jailTed Bundy is one of the worlds most notorious serial killers. The psychopath murdered at least 30 young women in a spree which spanned the United States. But three of the murders were only possible after a brazen escape from prison left him free to kill again. New Netflix docu-series Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes tells the story of the killer and his vicious campaign of violence. But his escapes from custody despite being on trial for murder have left viewers shocked. Heres how he managed to twice get away from under the noses of police and guards, and the deadly consequences. Read MoreRelated ArticlesTed Bundy survivor tells of moment serial killer tried to abduct her Bundy escaped from custody twice (Image: Netflix) Ted Bundys arrest Bundy was arrested on 16 August 1975 by a highway patrol officer who got suspicious of him cruising a residential area in the early hours of the morning. Police found a ski mask, crow 今日排列三晚秋和值谜汇总 bar, hand cuffs and ice pick in the car. It was not long before he was linked to the brutal attempted abduction of Carol DaRonch several months earlier. Bundy had posed as a police officer before attacking the 18-year-old in his car. She had managed to escape, and was one the few victims to survive an attack by the killer. By November, a summit of investigators in Aspen, Colorado, had linked him to a string of murders across five states. They continued to gather evidence to build a murder case against him while Bundy stood trial for kidnapping Carol. Bundy was in jail for the abduction of Carol DaRonch On 1 March 1976, B

undy was found guilty, and was later sentenced to between one and 15 years in Utah State Prison. In October of the same year, he was caught hiding in the prison yard carrying an escape kit, including a social security card, road maps and airline schedules. He was placed in solitary confinement. Within weeks, authorities decided they finally had enough evidence and he was charged with the murder of 23-year

-old Caryn Campbell. Ted Bundys first escape Caryn Campbell had disappeared on 12 January 1975 while walking down a well-lit corridor at an inn at a ski resort near Salt Lake City. Her body was found next to a dirt road a month later. On 7 June 1977, Bundy was taken to Pitkin County Courthouse in Aspen for a preliminary hearing ahead of his murder trial. He was acting as his own lawyer in the trial, and during a recess in the case asked to use the courts legal library for research. After being left alone in the library, without handcuffs or leg shackles on, he opened a window and jumped from the second-floor room and fled. As law enforcement scrambled to block off roads in and out of the town, Bundy changed his clothes and hiked up Aspen Mountain. He would be missing for six days. After breaking into a hunting cabin to steal food and a rifle, Bundy wandered the forest, becoming lost and in pain from a sprained ankle. Eventually he returned to Aspen and stole a car. Police spotted his erratic driving, and he was pulled over and caught. Bundy jumped from the second floor of Pitkin County Courthouse Read MoreRelated ArticlesTed Bundy had sex with victims decapitated corpses and kept HEADS as mementos Ted Bundys second escape With help from visitors, including later-wife Carole Ann Boone, Bundy amassed more than $500 in cash in his cell over six months and started plotting his next escape. He also acquired a detailed plan of Garfield County jail where he was being held, and a hacksaw blade from another inmate. After dark, he used the blade to cut a hole in the roof of his cell. In the months before his escape, Bundy lost 2.5st (16kg), and managed to squeeze through the hole into the crawl space above. On the night of 30 December 1977 he launched his escape, while there was just a skeleton staff at the jail for the Christmas period. He piled books on his bed under

the blankets so that it looked from the outside like he was sleeping and then climbed through the hole in the ceiling. He managed to break up into the personal apartment of the chief jailer, who was out for the evening. There, he stole clothes and simply walked out of the front door of the prison. After stealing a car and then catching a bus, he managed to make it to Denver, where he got on a plane. By the time staff at

the jail realised he was gone, at midday the next day, Bundy was more than 1,000 miles away in Chicago. Read MoreRelated ArticlesTed Bundy - Chilling conspiracy theories which claim depraved serial killer was INNOCENT Ted B

undys murders in Florida

By 8 January 1978 - nine days after his audacious escape - Bundy had made it to Tallahassee, Florida. Days later, on the 15th, he carried out a string of sickening attacks on women at a sorority house. At about 2:45am he crept into the Chi Omega house through a back door, and went from bedroom to bedroom, brutally attacking sleeping students. His first victim was 21-year-old Margaret Bowman, who he beat with an oak log before strangling her. In another room he attacked Lisa Levy, 20, beating her unconscious before strangling, biting and sexually assaulting her. Both women died from their injuries. He then went into another room where he attacked Kathy Kleiner and Karen Chandler. Both were le

ft with broken bones. He then fled the scene. The series of senseless attacks had taken less than 15 minutes. On the same night, eight blocks away, he broke into the apartment of student Cheryl Thomas. He attacked her as well, leaving her jaw and skull fractured in five places. Police were left baffled, and in an age without the i

nternet or extensive communication between police departments there was no connection made to escapee Bundy. A month later on February 8, Bundy attempted to abduct Leslie Parmenter, the 14-year-old daughter of a police chief in Jacksonville, 150 miles away from Tallahassee. He introduced himself to her as a fireman, but luckily he was challenged by her older brother and fled. The following day, and another 60 miles away in Lake City, he kidnapped 12-year-old Kimberly Leach from her junior high school. Her remains were found seven weeks later in a pig shed 35 miles away. Kimberly Leach was just 12 years old when she was murdered (Image: The LIFE Images Collection) Bundy was eventually recaptured on 15 February after a police officer pulled him over in a stolen car. After a televised trial in June 1979, he was found guilty of the Chi Omega killings and sentenced to death. Six months later he was found guilty of the murder of Kimberly Leach, and again sentenced to death. Bundy was on Death Row for almost ten years, before he was executed in an electric chair on 24 January 1989. Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes is available on Netflix now. Read MoreTed BundyBundy had sex with corpses of victimsSurvivor tells of moment she escapedChange in killers eyesDont watch documentary alone

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