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18 people Brexit campaigners think they're smarter than over the EUWith less than three months to go, everyone from scientists to business giants are offering up their opinions on the EU referendum. But every time an independent expert opens their mouth, Leave campaigners are already there - and think they know better. Take the economy. When the Bank of England said Brexit would be a major shock for the UK, Leave campaigners immediately told everyone they knew different, without providing any evidence at all. Read more: Read MoreRelated Articles7 things wrong with Vote Leaves list of 50 EU criminals Brexit backers have tried to over-rule world-beating scientists, NATO generals and the Bank of England. They have lectured India, Canada and Norway about India, Canada and Norway. They’ve even tried to recruit Winston Churchill and Emmeline Pankhurst to their cause, only to be shot down by the icons relatives. Here are 18 people Leave campaigners reckon they know better than. I know who I’d trust – and it’s not these self-appointed experts on everything under the sun. 1. The Port of Felixstowe (Image: Jason Hawkes) Vote Leave issued a press release claiming Felixstowe Port has been “put at risk by [the] EU Commission. Matthew Elliott, Chief Executive of Vote Leave, said “The Prime Minister could not have chosen a more fitting place to highlight the risks of remaining in the EU. But Felixstowe Port issued its own press release, stressing “the importance of our continued membership of the European Union” and pointing out that “26% of exports from Felixstowe go to other European Union countries.” 2. NATO (Image: Getty) Leave.EU claimed: It is NATO which actually guarantees our security, not Brussels, which never has and never will. But NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said “a strong European Union with a strong Britain is good for NATO” and “a strong EU will also make sure that NATO has a strong partner … when we are facing the same security threats”. He also said: For NATO it is important to have a strong Europe – and a strong Britain in a strong Europe contributes to stability. It underlines the importance of us working together, staying together. 3. Canada (Image: REUTERS/Peter Nicholls) Boris Johnson backed a Canada-style trade deal as a better option for Britain than EU membership. He said: I think we can strike a deal as the Canadians have done based on trade and getting rid of tariffs. It’s a very, very bright future I see. But the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters association wasnt so optimistic. Its chief economist said: “If anything, the UK might actually lose investment from Canada and lose Canadian interest if theyre not part of the European market because the European market is much bigger than the UK. I dont really see a lot of interest in just doing business with the UK.” 4. Norway (Image: Action Images via Reuters / Graham Stuart) Arron Banks, Chief Executive of Leave.EU has said: “Increasingly the Norway option looks the best for the UK”. Owen Paterson MP, a senior figure in Vote Leave, added: “The only realistic option … is to stay within the EEA agreement. The EEA is tailor made for this purpose and can be adopted by joining EFTA first. This becomes the ‘Norway option’”. The Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, has said she doesn’t think the Norway model would work for Britain. She said: “We are adapting to all the measures decided in the EU concerning the internal market but we have no decision participation in it. To be honest, I dont think the British self image will tolerate that. 5. The United States (Image: AFP/GettyImages) Leave.EU have said Britain will be able to sign a trade deal with America when we leave. The US Trade Representative, Michael Froman, isnt so sure. He said: “Were not particularly in the market for FTAs with individual countries. We have no FTA with the U.K. so they would be subject to the same tariffs – and other trade-related measures - as China, or Brazil or India.” 6. Calais (Image: Homes of the Jungle) Vote Leave was not happy about claims border inspections could move from Calais to Dover. Chief executive Matthew Elliott said: “These ludicrous claims are simply not backed up by evidence, logic or French self-interest. There’s no more chance of shifting the Calais camps to the UK than there is of a refugee camp springing up outside of Terminal 5 at Heathrow.” The President of the Calais region, Xavier Bertrand, said: If England leaves [the EU], the border will be Dover. 7. European leaders (Image: Reuters) Boris Johnson said: “I want to campaign for free trade with the EU. That is what we need and what we will get.” The finance ministers of Germany and Italy werent so certain. The German Finance Minister and member of the Council of The European Union, Wolfgang Schaeuble said: It would be extremely hard or even impossible to negotiate a special deal. Italian Finance Minister Pier Carlo Padoan made a similar warning, saying: “Whenever you break an agreeme

nt you know what you are going to lose, you do not know what you are going to gain in the next agreement.” 8. India (Image: Getty) Pro-Brexit Tory MEP Daniel Hannan has said: “I have spent the past week in India, talking to business, university and political audiences in Bombay, Bangalore and New Delhi. I haven’t come across a single Euro-enthusiast. What I’ve heard, instead, is frustration at the EU’s nine years of delay o

ver negotiating a free trade agreement, and annoyance at the way Brussels rules on free movement discriminate against Commonwealth nationals, including those with strong family links to the UK.” But the Indian Prime Minister has said: As far as India is concerned, if there is an entry point for us to the European Union that is the UK, that is Great Britain. And if we have economic co-operation with any country then the largest economic co-operation is with the UK.” 9. Scientists (Image: PA) Vote Leave has said: “Science research should replace EU membership as a fundamental priority for national policy”. Apparently theres “no reason why the UK would not still be able to access EU funding or collaborative projects if it left the European Union”. So what do the scientists say? Stephen Hawking and 150 other fellows of the Royal Society, including three Nobel laureates and the Astronomer Royal, warned that: “If the UK leaves the EU and there is a loss of freedom of movement of scientists between the UK and Europe, it will be a disaster for UK science and universities.” They also said: “Switzerland pays into the EU and was a popular destination for young scientists. It now has limited access to EU funds because it voted to restrict the free movement of workers, and is desperately trying to find alternative ways to attract young talent.” 10. The Bank of England Video LoadingVideo UnavailableClick to playTap to playThe video will start in8CancelPlay now Boris Johnson said the UK would see a “boom” and growth could

increase by 1.1%. Owen Paterson MP, a senior figure in the Leave campaign, said leaving Europe could increase UK economic prosperity and boost jobs. Mark Carney said Britain leaving the EU is the biggest domestic risk to financial stability. Hes the governor of, erm, the Bank of England. 11. Anti-terror police (Image: BBC) Iain Duncan Smith, when asked if staying in the EU would make Britain more vulnerable to terrorist attacks, said: “I think the present status … does leave that door open”. Rob Wainwright, the Director of Europol, doesnt quite agree. He said leaving the EU will make the UK’s anti-terrorism efforts “more costly” and “much less effective”. 12. The Confederation of British Industry Vote Leave CEO Matthew Elliott said: “The EU-funded CBI does not represent British businesses. It represents

the interests of a small number of huge companies that hire expensive lobbyists often to crush entrepreneurs and small business competition. It represents the EU Commission to the UK media. Its voice should not be trusted in the referendum.” A CBI poll showed 80% of its members want Britain to stay in the EU. Carolyn Fairbarn, director-general of the CBI, said: The message from our members is resounding - most want the UK to stay in the EU because it is better for their business, jobs and prosperity.” 13. Winston Churchill (Image: Getty) Daniel Hannan MEP has quoted Winston Churchill alongside anti-EU messages, while Vote Leave used Churchill in a campaign video. But the wartime PMs grandson was having none of it. Nicholas Soames, a Tory MP, said: “It is quite evident that Churchill aimed his ire at Nazi aggression out of his love for the European civilisation of which we in Britain have always been an inseparable part.” 14. Emmeline Pankhurst (Image: Getty) Suzanne Evans, a UKIP MEP and senior figure in Vote Leave, said: “I believe Mrs Pankhurst would back us” . But again, a descendant of the great leader of the British suffragette movement was having none of it. Her granddaughter Helen Pankhu

rst said: “Numbering Emmeline among the prominent supporters of the Vote Leave campaign is outrageous. The Pankhursts were great internationalists, believing in breaking down borders across the world. Alth

ough Emmeline was in favour of the First World War, she lived in, and loved France. For Britain to move out of the European Union would have appalled her

and her suffragette daughters. 15. The City of London (Image: Getty) Vote Leave Chief Executive Matthew Elliott said: “London would be better off outside of the EU by 120bn.” The City of London Corporation voted “overwhelmingly” in favour of Britain staying in the EU. It said: Taking into account the views of City stake

holders and businesses, the City of London Corporation supports the United Kingdom remaining a member of the European Union. 16. British manufacturers pc蛋蛋28杀组合预测 Leave.EU has suggested leaving the EU could mean “more manufacturing”. Martin Temple, the Chairman of EEF, the manufacturers’ trade association, said leaving Europe would offer only an “abyss of uncertainty and risk” and “no tangible benefits”. 17. The British Chambers of Commerce (Image: Getty Images) Boris Johnson said ousted pro- Brexit BCC chief John Longworth “speaks for the many small- and medium-sized businesses – the lifeblood of the economy – who cannot understand why they should comply with more and more regulation, over which this country has no democratic control.” A poll of BCC members found they support Britain remaining in Europe by a margin of two to one – 60% vs 30%. Another BCC poll found 63% of member small businesses think leaving would negatively affect them. 18. The British car industry Pro- Brexit Tory MP Liam Fox said the suggestion the car industry could be harmed by the UK leaving the EU was “irresponsible scaremongering” and a “dishonest scare story”. You guessed it - thats not what the car industry body SMMT said. 77% of SSMT members said remaining in Europe is best for their business, with 73% backing the UK staying in. Only 9% said leaving would be best. Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said, “The message from UK Automotive is clear – being in Europe is vital for the future of this industry and to secure jobs, investme

nt and growth. poll loadingShould Britains

future be inside or outside the EU?0+ VOTES SO FARINOUT

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